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Amara Enyia Releases Statement on FBI Investigation into Ald. Solis in Ed Burke Case

Chicago (January 29, 2019)  – Today’s revelations continue to put Chicago’s culture of corruption on full display during this election.

This is just the tip of an iceberg that could entangle more public officials who’ve been part of the political machine for years.

People are struggling to make ends meet, keep their kids in good schools and find jobs in their neighborhood. We have big issues that require new ways of thinking, but instead of offering innovative solutions that put people first, establishment politicians are distracted by twisted scandals of their own making.

I’m running for mayor to challenge those in power and bring city government into a new era of transparency and accountability. This is why I released our Good Governance Plan, which calls for a sweeping Inspector General investigation of city council and the elimination of aldermanic privilege.

Chicago needs fundamental change. Chicago needs new leadership completely detached from the this culture of corruption and pay-to-play politics. That’s what I’m offering voters on February 26.