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Amara Enyia Statement on Rahm Emanuel Budget Address

CHICAGO (October 17, 2018) — “It is laudable the mayor abandoned an ill-advised borrowing plan so the next mayor can implement a new vision for the city; one that represents the values of equity, justice, and abundance for all communities, while beginning a true fiscal reform.

For far too long the budget has represented a pie for which only the wealthy and connected were able to partake. After years of increases in taxes, fees, and fines residents have opted to leave the city in record numbers rather than stay in an increasingly difficult environment. Every year I host town halls and community fora on the city budget, helping people understand where their communities are benefiting or — in more cases than not where working class people live — losing.

This year as a candidate who believes transparency and information empower people I will use my platform to advocate for people and begin to demonstrate what a people’s budget should look like.”

– Amara Enyia