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Amara Statement on Millennial Turnout

Soaring turnout numbers by young voters is one of the most exciting trends of Tuesday’s general election, showing they have much greater interest in social justice, equality, and diversity than previous generations. This trend will continue into our city elections and help create a much more positive result.

Millennial / Gen Y / Gen Next voters understand how much they have at stake in the future of the nation, and the future of Chicago. They are a force to be reckoned with and understand that they have the ability to change the direction of this city.

I love that they want to be a part of reaching people who have been typically overlooked by establishment campaigns, or that many of them are from those disenfranchised groups. My platform seeks to empower those who haven’t been included in the conversation and my campaign offers a new vision and quality of life for people now, and for those who will still be here long after.”