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February 7, 2019

Amara Enyia Campaign Disrupts Stale Political Establishment

CHICAGO (February 7, 2019)  – Today, Amara Enyia’s mayoral campaign launched a series of activity aimed at shaking up Chicago’s stale political establishment. First, the campaign released its third campaign ad on digital platforms and broadcast stations, prompting voters to look beyond the baggage of corruption, cronyism and patronage in order to unlock a brighter future for the City of Chicago.

Enyia, a community activist, lawyer, PhD and public policy expert, is seeking to break away from a crowded field as the mayoral campaign enters the start of the early voting session.

During the spot, titled ‘What is Hip?,’ Enyia advises that voters want a much needed dose of creativity, innovation and hope for the city. “You cannot be everything that the city is railing against and call yourself hip. Hip has always meant being at the forefront, being at the cutting edge.”

Later in the ad, directed by award-winning Simon Edelman, Enyia continues, “The city is looking for cutting edge. Many of these candidates, they represent the baggage of the past: corruption and business as usual.”

The new spot airs as Enyia and Chance the Rapper, Chicago’s Grammy-award winning musician and community activist, joined forces for a community phone-banking event at Chicago’s historic Grand Ballroom. The event, attended by over 200 of Enyia’s volunteers and supporters, serves as the launch of the campaign’s GOTV efforts.

“We will not be intimidated or deterred in our efforts to make Chicago a better city for everyone, not just the wealthy and connected. We are strong and we’re only getting stronger. Tonight is a true testament to our people-powered campaign,” Enyia said.

“Tonight, this is what it’s all about. This is why I am lending my voice and support to Amara’s campaign,” said Chance, who has been one of Enyia’s most vocal supporters. “The current system is designed to keep us in the dark and away from the decision-making process. I’m here tonight because I believe in Amara and her vision. And from what are seeing here and on social media, I’m not alone. The people stand with Amara Enyia and her vision for a better Chicago.”