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(MS. Magazine) 45. Fifteen Minutes of Feminism: Slavery’s Global Legacy and the African Diaspora (with Dr. Amara Enyia)

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Dr. Amara Enyia, a public policy expert and strategist. She is also the managing director of Diaspora Rising, a transnational advocacy organization working on issues of concern to the Global Black Diaspora around the world.

In this Episode:

In August, the United Nations General Assembly moved to create a Permanent Forum on People of African Descent. There was pushback. Yet, on an international level, the demand for a reckoning with anti-Blackness reverberates around the world. Advocates know learning about the African Diaspora, histories of anti-Blackness and the need for reparations is more important than ever.
Consider this: The British government paid the equivalent of 17 billion pounds (in today’s currency) to compensate slave owners for the lost capital associated with abolition. These reparations debts by the British government to slaveowners and their descendants were paid off in 2015. 
How does this hidden history fit into contemporary discourse about global slavery, Black Lives Matter, civil rights and more?