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Celebrated Chicago Political Journalist Charles Thomas Joins Amara Enyia Campaign as Senior Advisor

CHICAGO (December 11, 2018) – Renowned Chicago broadcast journalist, Charles Thomas, whose stellar career has spanned four decades, is joining Amara Enyia’s mayoral campaign as a senior advisor. He started his career as a Midwest Correspondent for ABC News and then spent more than 25 years at ABC Eyewitness News in Chicago. In a new video being released today and on social media, Thomas talks about why he is endorsing Amara Enyia, what he loves most about Chicago, and what Chicago needs in a future Mayor.

“I remember my first interview with Amara. I was impressed at how she listened to the questions. Because a lot of politicians – you ask them questions – and they immediately go to their talking points. Amara didn’t do that, said Thomas. “She is a good listener. And she will listen to all sections of the city: the downtown businesses and the neighborhoods too. But she will listen to everyone,” he added.

In the video, Thomas underscored the fact that this is the first time that he has publicly endorsed any political candidate adding that “Amara is the future of Chicago”. He went on to acknowledge that Amara is a bright and dynamic generational bridge builder. Since she announced her run for Mayor, Enyia has been running a people-powered campaign with the slogan: All People. All Voices. One City. Thomas acknowledges her platform in the video saying “Amara has based her whole campaign around people, and her goal is to return control of the city government to the people. No other candidate is doing that”.

During his career in journalism, Thomas has interviewed everyone from Mayors to Governors to Senators and even Presidents. His impressive and dynamic career began in 1973. After working at various stations across the country, he eventually landed a job in 2009 as a political reporter at ABC Eyewitness News in Chicago. Looking back at this transition in his career, his main recollection is that his first full day on the job happened to coincide with President Obama’s first full day in the Oval Office.

“As a trained journalist, it is such an honor to receive the support of Charles Thomas – someone I’ve always admired in the profession, said Enyia. “He is proof that it is possible to reach all people across all generations and have a message that resonates and energizes people of all ages. Charles Thomas’ endorsement means a lot to me, and I appreciate and fully embrace his support as we move forward on to the next phase of our campaign.”

To view the video, please click here.