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Amara Enyia Statement on Jeff Session Resignation

CHICAGO (November 7, 2018) – “Jeff Sessions has been a disappointment as Attorney General. From his refusal to acknowledge the failure of policies like stop and frisk, to his egregious interference in the Consent Decree process in Chicago, Sessions represents the worst of law enforcement at every level.

It is incredibly important that we hold fast to our ideals of justice; that we continue to push for accountability through a consent decree for CPD, advocate for a Fraternal Order of Police contract that protects the public’s interests even as it protects police officers, and most importantly, that we continue to address violence at the root by addressing the many public policy failings that create the conditions where violence can manifest.

This is a time for the City of Chicago to redouble its efforts in supporting policies that promote transparency, accountability and responsiveness to the public. We know that these measures are in the interests, not just of law enforcement, but of the city as a whole.”