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Mayoral candidate Amara Enyia issues statement on indictment of Ald. Ed Burke

Chicago (January 3, 2019) — “Today’s news of Ald. Ed Burke’s indictment is a devastating reminder of Chicago’s long history of corruption within city government. Any political leader who will willingly extort his community for personal gain is not only a predator but a major fissure to democracy and an inhibitor of justice.

City government must take critical steps towards restoring public trust, and that begins with ensuring that any violators of that trust are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. As mayor, from day one I will seek real reform and empower the Inspector General’s office with more oversight to launch effective investigations into any ongoing threads of corruption.

The people of Chicago deserve and expect the highest ethical standards from their elected officials. Ed Burke should step down in his capacity as Alderman to make way for unbought, uncorrupted leadership that prioritizes community interests over the interests of big banks and the one-percent. All candidates and elected officials with connections to Ed Burke should immediately cut ties with his office. We need leadership that pushes back against the interests of a political machine that has long denied Chicago its necessary political evolution.”


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