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Visionary Ideas and Concrete Solutions

The City of Chicago deserves a bold, transformative plan focused on a vision for Chicago where all communities thrive. This people-centered plan prioritizes innovative ideas that move us forward, a commitment to equitable economic investment, a robust small business environment, quality education for all, an end to corruption, and an emphasis on strategies that build generational wealth. Amara has both the government level experience and grassroots experience and understanding to get it done.

Amara is a problem-solver with a proven track record in economic development, public finance, and the business sector. She holds bachelors degrees in journalism and political science, a masters degree in education, a law degree, and a PhD in Education Policy. Dr. Enyia serves as a public policy consultant both nationally and internationally. She has spearheaded small and large-scale development projects, drafted and had legislation passed at both the city and state level, and pioneered new strategies that facilitate balanced growth and stronger communities across Chicago.

for all


 A Public Bank for Chicago – To generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the city, eliminate hundreds of millions of dollars in interest rate costs and fees currently paid to private banks, reduce corruption, and guarantee more responsible use of funds to promote economic growth.

A Cooperative City – Cooperative enterprises are about collective ownership and sharing resources in communities. Make Chicago the #1 city in the country for cooperative enterprises that promote a stronger business climate, drive down unemployment, promote entrepreneurship, and build community wealth.

Community Benefits Agreements – Ensure that community voice is represented in development projects from the outset and recognizing the importance of making sure that developments are aligned with community vision. 

Target private investment to neighborhood-based development projects and support with public funding.

Fiscal responsibility – End bad bank deals, sweetheart deals, and policies that end up costing taxpayers more money in the long run.



Empower Communities to Self-Monitor – Dedicate percentage of CPD budget for Community Empowered For Safety program with the Chicago Police Department to replace the now defunct CAPS program.

Restorative Justice as Violence Prevention – Expand implementation of restorative justice models in communities and schools as a violence prevention and community building strategy.

Strong Blocks = Safe Blocks – Allocate larger percentage of overall police budget to building sustainable, strong block clubs across the city that serve as eyes and ears for local police districts, as well as safe spaces for community building.

Prevent Violence at the Root – Invest in abating public health hazards like lead and manganese exposure, restore mental health and behavioral health services and institutions, address food deserts, support entrepreneurship and small businesses.



Create Office of Equity to monitor and oversee budget, resource, and programmatic investments and decisions. Ensure that CPS policies are fair and equitable across the city.

Expedite process for an elected school board.

Standardize accountability measures for existing charter schools to equal those of CPS schools.

Invest in public neighborhood schools as top priority.

Empower Local School Councils (LSCs) and increase support for LSC infrastructure.


Frankness – The city is assuming too much debt. We’ve borrowed billions of dollars to paper over our debt. We need frank talk, not sneaky bond deals or financial instruments that only put taxpayers at the back of the line.

Fairness – We need to end corporate tax loopholes and strengthen claw-back provisions for public dollars given to private entities who don’t uphold their end of the bargain. Pension commitments must be honored – pensions are a promise.

Frugality – Foster efficiency by keeping public assets in the hands of the public and putting an end to corrupt insider deals.


No corporate PAC money or gifts, and end the practice for all City officials.

Strengthen Inspector General’s office with expanded oversight power.

Increase the practice of streaming public cabinet meetings as well as public meetings.

Increase the number of community hearings and presentations on key city issues and move key meetings like CPS school board meetings and budget hearings into neighborhoods and at reasonable hours that allow for public attendance.