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All People, All Voices, One City.


Dr. Amara Enyia is a Strategist, Social Innovation and Social Impact professional and public policy expert on city and state policy as well as international affairs/foreign policy with expertise in Central Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. She writes extensively on issues of education, economic development, fiscal policy, equity in policy, and systems thinking.

Amara is not someone who only talks about what she will do as mayor – she demonstrates her commitment to Chicago by showing what she has already done. Amara has a uniquely broad and deep background of local, national and international experience necessary for managing a city as complex as Chicago.

She has worked from the top level of city government to the grassroots level and everything in between. She has experience managing a municipality, consulted on projects in cities around the world as a public policy expert, run non-profits, serves as a leader in the business community, and works at the grassroots level as an organizer on the issues affecting Chicago’s neighborhoods.

Through her work, she has forged authentic relationships across the city on many areas of policy including economic development, housing, public finance, education, workforce development, food security, public safety and more. As a bridge-builder and advocate, she has actively worked to usher in transformative policies that improve quality of life for Chicagoans. Amara believes in thinking outside the box, challenging systems, and building new ones that reflect values that put the public’s interest first.

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Though the election has ended, our work continues. I believe that now, more than ever, we must use our expertise and talents to work with our next mayor where she needs support, to push the mayor by advocating for the policies that will improve our city, and most importantly, to join Chicagoans to hold the next mayor accountable. Chicagoans need independent voices that can advocate for the bold agenda we put forth, and make sure that we have leadership that works for all of our communities.

Amara Enyia