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Dorothy Brown endorses Amara Enyia for Mayor

January 31, 2018


With a Strong Following within the African-American Community, Dorothy Brown Backs Amara Enyia for Mayor

CHICAGO – Today, Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown endorsed Amara Enyia for Mayor. With a strong constituency among African-American voters, Brown’s endorsement is a significant boost to Enyia’s campaign for mayor and represents the first indication of consolidation among African-American candidates vying to replace Rahm Emanuel.

“I am pleased to earn Dorothy Brown’s endorsement because we share an unapologetic commitment to improving the lives of communities throughout Chicago. After decades of disinvestment, we need bold solutions that will fundamentally change our city and our neighborhoods. Dorothy is not just endorsing my candidacy, she’s endorsing a shared vision for fundamental change in Chicago – change toward racial justice, innovative solutions and bottom-up leadership.”

Brown’s endorsement will further establish Enyia’s qualifications for office and propel her agenda for marginalized communities, which includes economic growth, police reform, and equitable school funding. Amara Enyia has proposed addressing punitive fines, fees, and tickets that punish people for being poor. One policy that is resonating among people of color and low-income families is her proposal to ‘ban the boot’ so people do not lose their form of transportation, which jeopardizes their jobs and livelihoods.

For more information on Enyia’ economic justice platform, visit her website here.