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February 5, 2019

Amara Enyia Release New Spanish Campaign Ad:


Campaign Releases ‘Sanctuary’ Ad That Speaks to Chicago’s Immigrant Community

CHICAGO – Today, Amara Enyia’s campaign released their second digital and TV ad, titled “Sanctuary”. In the ad, released in both Spanish and English, Amara addresses the day-to-day struggles immigrants face as they try to live in our city and pursue the same opportunities to thrive as everyone else.

View the campaign ad here.

Consistent with the spirit of her campaign, Enyia’s ad focuses on the sense of community, love and resilience that Chicago must treasure if it is to truly be a sanctuary city. “You keep pushing and don’t want to give up. You’re trying to do your best. You’re doing your best in a country and city that sometimes makes you feel you don’t belong, that there’s not enough for you; but there is more than enough for all of us.”

Chicago is a sanctuary city, but it is important to close all loopholes and make sure immigrants feel the benefits of neighborhood investment, affordable living and government reforms that will lend voice and power back to everyday residents.

“We can make this city where you can be what you’ve always wanted to be, because you do belong. We can make it better because you deserve better – a home you can have, something to work for and pass on, a safe city, a sanctuary, for all of us.”

Cut into both 60- and 30-seconds spots, the ad is airing on cable, broadcast TV and radio, while also being pushed on social media. Its message represents the campaign’s focus on marginalized communities that feel ignored and underserved by Chicago’s political establishment. Amara Enyia is working to engage people who do not usually connect with city politics, with a grassroots operation to mobilize people who want a new set of ideas and leadership.